Denon DVD-900 and AVR-1403 combo



Hi I'm a new user here so please don't be so harsh on me :D

I have a couple of [n00b] questions which I hope that you guys could answer for me :)

Anyway, I bought myself a Denon DVD-900 and a Denon AVR-1403 reciever. I'm still waiting for my speakers to arrive (B&W DM601s and ASW300). Are you guys familiar with the Denon DVD-900 or the new Denon AVR-xx03 series? One of my friends told me that I made a bad purchase, I should've bought a Toshiba DVD player instead (I can't remember the model) but I'm quite happy with my new DVD-900.

I heard different reviews on it though and considering that this is my first DVD player I don't know how good this unit really is cause I don't seem to see any difference on a Sony DVP-7700 or a 200$ Pioneer. And no I'm not blind or wearing glasses etc..

Here's another question. I've tried to contact Denon via mail, cause I think that the specs. on the DVD-900 are confusing, very confusing indeed! For example, I looked in my manual and I can't find anything about the DVD-900 having Prog. Scan or having a 12 Bit / 54 Mhz video DAC. But if you look on Denon's official site in US then it states all of the mentioned features above. But here is the confusing part: I looked on the official Denon site in Germany and on their site it says that the DVD-900 has a 10 Bit / 27 Mhz video DAC?! Are there any differences between European and Amercian models? (I live in EU). Not only that but on the US site it also says that the Audio DAC's are powered by Bur Brown (The same they use in newer and more expensive Nad models) but again, I can't find anything in the manual or the Denon site in Germany! Now that's just strange...

And here's the last question. I bought a 1.5m long ProfiGold scart cable and a 1.5m ProfiGold Digital Cable. I heard good about ProfiGold but how good are they really? Can you really see any differences between a normal scart and a high end scart?? I have a 29" Sony television with RGB output and all...

One more thing ;)

Do any of you know if you can get a firmware update to Denon's DVD-900? I heard it had the "Chroma Bug".

Sorry if it was stupid questions but I got to start somewhere :)

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