Denon DVD-700 Aspect Ratio Control

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    Any Denon DVD-700 owners willing to kindly provide a quick breakdown on the 'aspect ratio control' function? As I still own a huge number of non-anamorphic discs, it's become an integral feature of the last couple of players I've had. Despite being poorly implented (and almost hidden as a simple zoom function) the Toshiba 520 scaled non-anamorphic transfers flawlessly, with next to no degredation in pic quality. But, I recently offloaded it due to other niggles and replaced it with a Pannasonic S75. The S75's scaling function is much better intergrated as an option, but the resulting pic is terribly soft and pixellated when upscaled/zoomed. Just wondering how the DVD-700's take on this niche feature fairs...

    Thanks in advance for any responses.

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