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Hi All,

I have a 3930 which is built like a tank and superb quality. Looking at the prices they have gone up considerably to perhaps £200+ on e-Bay over the last few years since I purchased it cheaply. I've compared the picture to a pioneer DVD BR 51FD and it's not as good but similar in SD. Can someone explain why these are so sought after and should I be using as a CD player rather than thinking of it as a DVD? I currently use a Musical Fidelty Nu Vista for a cd player and unsure if the 3930 would compete unless significant £'s spent on upgrade which I believe people do (how much does that cost????)



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I had a 2930 which I gave away and it is still working. Technology has left them behind as far as video is concerned and maybe it's the Denon's credentials with SACD and DVD-A play that is the attraction. If you are looking for a standalone CD replacement that your eyes should be cast towards the Denon DCD 1600 NE and certainly the DCD 2500 NE to better the audio performance. Those players have the AL32+ processor onboard and the 2500 is an outstanding player, certainly the best I've owned for both SACD and CD stereo.

I also have a Pioneer player in the guise of the LX500 which I use for multi channel SACD and DVD-A but memory doesn't serve me well as to how that performs against the old 2920 but it is certainly a better player than the Denon DBT-3313.

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