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Jan 14, 2004
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Well I've decided to take the plunge and lash out on a decent DVD player. This to go with my Pani DMR E60 which although does a fantastic job is really slow on layer changes and this slightly spoils things. Decided ion the Denon 2200 because its seems to an quality universal player (CD playback is important) Anyone know if Denon are making these things to order? I have been in contact with all the dealers in Cardiff all of which have had the things on order before Xmas but no stocks are forthcomming. Sevenoaks are seriously considering cancel theirs as they've waited so long. Even all the websites are out of stock (except for one retailer who only had the gold version in stock), stating mid march possibly for a delivery. Can't be that popualr surely.
this is right denon have got orders coming out of their ears, they are expecting stock end of february but this may all be allocated.
It is a very popular player, very difficult to get hold of.

Made even more popular by the fact the 2900 is such a good machine, and it is widely stated that the 2200 gives 90% of the performance of the 2900 for 70% of the cost!!

You could audition a Pioneer DV668AVs as well, see if that catches your eye? But to be honest, that is the only other player in that price range worth looking at. Two horse race between the Denon 2200 and the Pioneer DV668AVs imho. Especially if you want a universal player that does PAL/NTSC progressive scan well.
So I guess the 668 must be rare too .. the 868 is nigh-on unobtainable.
I have just ordered a Pioneer 757 multi region from sound and vision for £449. This could be a possible alternative to the Dennon
That is a bargain price for the 757 mate.

The 668 is rare as well, but a little more obtainable than the Denon 2200. have the 668 in stock for £479.99. They have a store on Tottenham Court Road (London) too, it is where I bought my one from, great player, but it isn't as good as a dedicated CD player for stereo music. Multi channel music is fantastic on it though!!!

Picture quality is equal to the Denon 2200 imho, and almost as good as the 868. I would apply the same equation that Denon apply to the 2200, that the Pioneer 668 offers 90% of the performance of the 868 for 60% of the cost (868 rrp is £1000 (i think), 668 rrp is £600). You also have HDMI, the apparent next step for Visual and Audio connectivity (although the 668 and 868 deal purely with Video not Audio with their current HDMI interface).

Try the player out, and let us know what you think, no harm in it at all.

If you live near Luton KraGorn/Pugger, feel free to come and have gander at mine if you want?
Hi Folks
Ordered two of these Denon 2200 today(in black) one for me and a mate from creative audio they did have a few left in black and gold but not silver.
Cheers Gonzo.

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