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I've been considering the purchase of a Denon DVD-1920 to go with a Pioneer PDP-436XDE screen.

However, today I've had a demo of the player feeding the Pioneer PDP-436XDE via HDMI and to be honest I wasn't all that impressed with the results.

The DVD being demoed was Star Wars:Attack Of The Clones and there was quite a lot of blurring of edges and after a while began to hurt my eyes. When the saleperson attached the (more expensive!!) Yamaha DVD-2500 to the screen, the results were much better. Is this movie particularly demanding?

I am obviously aware that the Yamaha is in a different price bracket so it should be better quality, but I was a little disappointed with the Denon.

I'm just wondering what other peoples impressions of the Denon are. Should I continue saving and go for something like the Yamaha, or stick with the Denon which gets great reviews for a DVD player in its price bracket? £600-ish for the Yamaha to me seems a lot of money, but the phrase 'you get what you pay for' may be accurate in this case.

Any thoughts?




Check out for an indepth comparison.

They suggest that the Faroudja FLI-2301 de-interlacer/scaler chip, which the 1920 incorporates can give a “macroblocking” problem when coupled to certain Plasma screens that have their own necessary internal scalers which can exaggerate blotches of digital noise. This is possibly what you were seeing when they ran the demo.
That said, I have mine coupled to a Hitachi PD7500 which has its own internal scaler for the 1024x1024 ALIS panel, and the picture is awesome at both 720p and 1080i. It could be a case of tuning this out with careful TV settings so no additional trickery is performed by your TV filters.

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