I am trying to pair my Denon DSW-1H with my Denon DHT-S716H soundbar. The Soundbar is wired to the network and working perfectly. However, when I connect the DSW-1H subwoofer to the same network and attempt to pair, the HEOS app tells me "Please disconnect the Ethernet cable from your Denon DSW-1H to Continue wireless configuration. I don't want to configure wireless! I have a gigabit ethernet switch connecting these two devices together. Why am I being forced to use wireless? The wireless network in an apartment building is awful, unreliable, and slow. Does anyone know how to get these two devices to pair over a wired connection?


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Hi @zmq503o1 : I'm thinking about getting the same setup.
Have you managed to use the soundbar on ethernet while connecting to the subwoofer wirelessly?

What do you think of this setup for movies/music?


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The idea of connecting a sub to the bar via Ethernet is an interesting idea, but would any network latency cause delays? Looking at the instructions it does suggest that it should be possible to connect the bar and sub together. Do you have the latest firmware and apps. in place? What happens if you first establish a wireless connection between the devices? Can you then change it? Have you talked to Denon?

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Did you manage to resolve this as I was trying to do the same? I can't understand why if you can connect via WiFi why you can't use an Ethernet?



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Probably no help here but through the app i had no problem adding the sub to the S716 via wifi.

You might get an occasional drop out but to be fair it has been pretty stable so unless you have wifi issues I'd recommend it.

Despite the pluses of this system I'm selling the S716h sound bar as its too big for the bedroom and am going for the new 550 I think.


I just took the plunge and bought a Denon DSW-1H subwoofer to pair with my 150 or my 350.

But so far I have not managed to pair it with either speaker, so it's remained silent.

I've got the subwoofer to appear in the HEOS app and the settings say the connection is excellent. In Rooms view it says "not paired - tap to configure".

When I try to pair it to a speaker, it says [speaker] is already paired with Subwoofer 'Device', do you want to pair it with this Subwoofer instead?

I click ok, then Next. Screen says 'In Progress' then "Action could not succeed due to timeout".

Why isn't this working? Is it me or is it them?

I get the same error message whether I'm using Wifi or an Ethernet connection to a TPLink Deco.

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Yes fortunately I got there in the end! I now have the sub paired with two 350s and it's a pretty mean setup! I did a lot of unplugged, hard resetting, and reconnecting to the network till it finally worked.

The issue is that the speakers and sub need to have the exact same HEOS firmware version. But checking to see if you have the latest version via the HEOS app doesn't always work. However from time to time it will perform a check of its own accord and you'll get the update that way.

Another way is to contact Denon support with the details you can get from the advanced settings menus. Then they can push through the update from their end. Seems to take them a couple of days to reply though.

Another thing is to make sure they are all on the same network, and either all connected over WiFi or all connected by Ethernet cables, don't mix it up.

Good luck and hope you and your friend enjoy the bass!


Can try this menu in the advanced settings for each device anyway, maybe it will work:


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Just registered so I could reply to this thread specifically and share my findings. I have the Denon 550 Soundbar and the Denon DSW-1H subwoofer.

When I got the soundbar it wouldn't allow me to link to Alexa. This was due to the fact that it was not on the latest firmware. I updated the firmware manually through the Advanced / Firmware Update screen, reset, hard reset, etc. several times to no avail and finally gave up and called support. They told me to do everything I had already done and more-or-less gave up on me. I waited a day or two because I was busy with work. Even though the Advanced / Firmware Update screen had an Update Status of FIRMWARE_CURRENT, apparently it wasn't. After waiting and then clicking Update Firmware Now it finally installed the latest version and my Alexa issue was resolved.

After having the soundbar for a few weeks I picked up the sub and couldn't get it to sync with the soundbar even though it installed the "latest firmware" when I did the setup. I found this out because I read somewhere that in order for the soundbar and sub to sync they have to be on the same firmware version, which they were not even though the Advanced / Firmware Update screen had an Update Status of FIRMWARE_CURRENT. The soundbar was on 2 something and the sub was on 1 something. Again, I updated the firmware manually through the Advanced / Firmware Update screen, reset, hard reset, etc. several times to no avail, so I thought, what if I just let it sit for a day? After waiting a day the same thing happened , I clicked Update Firmware Now and it installed the latest version and I was able to sync. So my suggestion would be to request the firmware update once or twice, leave everything plugged in, come back some time later and request the firmware update again.

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