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monkey butler

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How does it sound? On Disney+ Toy Story 4 beginning rain is quite quick as an Atmos check...
Just started back at work. Will try tonight!


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On the General Volume & Audio Output settings page of the Xbox do you have the Allow Passthrough checkbox selected? In one pic you do and in the other you have it deselected. I think this needs to be checked for streaming apps to output audio directly to be decoded by the Amp.

monkey butler

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So thought I’d confirm all of my amp and Xbox settings, to see if anyone spots anything that doesn’t look right.

the thing I’m most concerned about is the volume of the front Dolby speakers. I’ve set them to 3 as recommended, but I’m not sure if it should just be +3 in relation to the others.

any advice is REALLY appreciated!

here goes....




I think the guidance is adding 3db to the level as assigned to the dolby speakers by Audyssey.
I have no experience of the XBox, but I wonder if the Allow Passthrough option should be ticked, to allow the AVR to decode the sound format?


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THe XBox uses Dolby MAT to enable it to output Atmos. THe console decodes the DD+ or TrueHD element itself and then outputs this as multichannel PCM along with the associated Atmos metadata. THis differs to how you output it ordinarilly if using most other sources. Certain configurations need to be applied and you may be required to download additional software and or updates in order to fascilitate Atmos via your XBox?

No idea as to how to configure the XBox ONe or later models in order to get Atmos. You need to go ask this in a thread dealing with the XBox.


For the front Dolby the level should be +2dB or +3dB to those levels set by Audyssey.

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