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Denon DM40 (38/39) for ALL AV Duties?


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Hi everyone.
I've just moved house and my full blown AV system has to go as i dont have the room. Minimalist is the way to go. I'm also willing (ish) to sacrifice surrond sound for good 2 channel audio. After some research i have thought about a Q Acoustics Media 4 soundbar or the Denon mini system, pending demo's at the weekend.
I want to put freesat, xbox & perhaps blu ray into the Sony W7 [email protected]" tv via HDMI, then run the audio into the Denon (or soundbar). So I'd want the Denon (or soundbar) for tv, games, music and films.

Does anyone have any real world experience of a similar setup that could provide real world opinions of any set up like this? Lip Sync issues would annoy me and is perhaps the only worry after everything actually sounding decent!

I currently have Yamaha RXV-671, Acoustic Energy Evo 3's, Centre and Compacts. and a Ruark Sub i never used anyway! If anyone has any other ideas?!Especially if saves me money!


(apologies if this should have gone in the Home Cinema forum but i thought as we're talking 2 channel sound this is more appropriate! Plus i cant move it!)
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Don Dadda

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I m doing something similar with a naim unitiqute which is also a all in one box. Not quite the same as the denon but not too dissimilar in what they do.
Fed audio From a media player and blu Ray via the TV's digital output.
Not had any lip-sync issues with those devices or from freeview.

I can see that it most likely will not be much of an problem for yourself, but it does depends on the denon and its onboard dac.
If it is, some tv has some adjustment for this. You need to check the manual If it has or not. If the TV does not then you are reliant on the sources having this adjustment.

That said, it is not my main setup and at 30wpc, it is low powered which is fine for the room it is in (dining room). The denon is also low in power and may not have enough juice for a main setup.

If you can afford it, and a mini system is a must, considered the Marantz mcr610/611 which is a step up in power. 60wpc when Matched with 6ohm speakers (denon is 30wpc) or 40-45wpc if matched with 8ohm speakers. And a analogue input or 2 more than the Denon.


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Thanks Don. Lack of power was a bit of a worry, so thanks for cemeting that! It was good to see the real world example that lip sync etc didnt seem to be an issue though granted its likely to be a suck it and see scenario! Today, whilst im waiting for another plumber to look at my leaking boiler, I'm thinking of double checking I cant fit in the floorstanders! Or even maybe the compacts and keeping the Yamaha receiver and just running it in stereo. Music may not be quite as good as hi-fi, but it does ok. Not really minamilizing that way i suppose, but definately less cluttered. Def cheaper though!! Long term i think that as I dont have a dedicated cd player anymore, it is attractive downsizing an amp and getting dedicated CD player at the same time!
I hate making decisions!

Don Dadda

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Have a look at yamaha RN602 - A stereo receiver with streaming/internet radio. Plenty power to fill the room and digital connections for the TV.

YAMAHA RN602Black Network Stereo Receiver £449

or Save some money and get the outgoing RN500. same as the RN602 but without wireless networking and few other bits which you may not deem necessary or want.

Superfi - Yamaha RN500 Networked Receiver £309

No dedicated CD player but if you have a blu ray player that could be used for cd playback which quite a few sound pretty good. Just the time taken to load a cd is much longer, FF\FR on cd is more like a skip and a jump and track info is limited


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I downsized a few years back and now run everything thru a Denon M38 without a single problem, ( the M39/40 would be better as has optical input)........

Playing youtube (or google play or spotify) on the lappy at the moment :), streaming to my TV thru Chromecast and thence to the Denon , sounds great , play films thru plex from my harddrive the same way with no problems ( sold bluray as now not needed, DVD will not be replaced either) also Sky ,Xbox and DVD sound thru the TV .....

And all this using a 3.5mm to RCA cable from the TV.......... cant fault it.......:clap:

Oh yeah almost forgot , 10,000 songs (my favs) on a USB drive (or iPod) set on random , stuck in the front USB port, must be years since I played a CD , use the DAB a bit but the quality is getting worse (planet rock is now mono).......

Go for it.......:)
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