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Feb 10, 2008
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I'm going to buy a Denon DM38 DAB and wondered what options I have regarding playing my TV (Sony KDL32D3000), PS3 or Sky HD box through it.

Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated! :thumbsup:

Options are limited on the DM38 to 2 sets of stereo inputs of which the ps3 has none only optical out.

I would connect both ps3 and SKY hd to the tv and take the tv's analogue audio outs and connect them to the DM38.

After further investigation that was the same thing I was thinking about doing.

Is there any particular type of a/v cable I should get or are they all about the same?

Thanks for the response!
By av cables do you mean the hdmi cable from the ps3 /skyhd to TV?

Well you can spend less than £10 or a kings ransom on a HDMI cable. So depending on distance, i would start cheap and work my way from there if need be.

For instance, i paid £30 (was £50) on this: QED Classic HDMI-P Cable 1m 2 years ago and a while later also bought 2 of these Linx Platinum Pro Hdmi Cable / 10.2Gbps / 1.5m from Play.
I don't have a big LCD or Plasma yet but on my 23" LCD tv i can't tell any difference between them. if the distance is 10m or more i would spend substancially more, but for 1-5 meters there isn't much or any difference in picture quality between the expensive and cheap brands. If the cable is very cheaply made with little or next to nothing sheiding, then problems can arise

To connect the tv to the DM38:

IXOS XHA215 Phono Cable - Phono / RCA Cables

All sites that i have linked to have a range of cables from the very cheap to the very expensive but Futureshop and Audiovisual have more of an extensive range. The lesser known brands names will charge less for the same cable which the bigger names are charging 3 or 4x the price for. However they come into their own when the hdmi cable is over a much greater distance (10m +)

If in the future you think the sound can be bettered then you can spend more on cables but the ones above are good enough to get you going.

I was reading HiFi News yesterday and Ken Kessler reckoned that the Morrisons 'gold' HDMI cable at £4.99 is as good as most sub <£40 HDMI cables.

Quite a rcommendation I'd say coming from a man who usually has megabuck$ systems in his house.
Looking for a smaller system to replace the aging Hitachi Opus 2 that is currently making my bedroom system, and I looked online and this caught my eye, does anyone have any experiance with them and if so are they any good?
I wouldn't pay more than £2 for a 1m HDMI cable and no more than a fiver for a 3m one. It's digital, so as long as the cable doesn't fall apart and it complies to the HDMI specs, it will work fine.

EDIT: Wait, this is a really old thread isn't it and he probably has an HDMI cable by now.

Cooky, here is a newer thread all about the Denon DM38:

They seem pretty damn good.

IMO correct on both points. I use the 'free' HDMI cables that came with my Oppo and JVC TV in both cases.


EDIT: Wait, this is a really old thread isn't it and he probably has an HDMI cable by now.

Just a bit and i would of thought so too :D.

I don't mind paying up to a tenner or less for a 1m but so far i haven't needed to. However, like scorpion, if it comes with a freebie i will try that first.
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