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Quick question for you all,

Im about to get a Denon DM31 to go in the bedroom, I also have a record deck which wont fit on my system downstairs so was wondering if I could hook it up to the Denon. I know you're not supposed to hook up anything other than a record player to the phono connections on an amp, is the opposite also true ? Am I OK to hook up a record dec to a set of Aux. inputs ?? (im pretty sure that the Denon has them)

Any help would be appreciated, ive only just managed to convince the other half that her old Aiwa is past its prime, the last thing I want to do is blow up a new stereo.:suicide:


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Yes if you fancy experiencing the full joy of Denon's Made In China build quality, then you can connect a turntable to it's auxiliary input.
Is your turntable an Aiwa, if so it may have a built-in phono pre-amplifier, this will need to be switched on. Otherwise you will need to buy a small phono pre-amplifier to connect between your turntable and the Denon. These are available from as little as £20.
Obviously without the phono pre-amplifier your turntable will be extremely quiet. :cool:


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My turntable's a Sony. So just to confirm, I could hook it up to the Denon but id need a pre amp to beef up the sound ??

Sounds as though you're not too impressed with the Denon ??

Anyway, thanks for your help, as long as I know im not going to blow anything up.;)


mrmcdean - whether or not the turntable is going to be compatible with the Denon system is entirely dependent on whether it has a built in phono stage.

If it does, then the output signal will be loud enough for the Denon to properly amplify it.

If it doesn't, then the output signal will be too quiet, and - as you correctly point out - you'll need to buy an external phono stage.

If you need to buy an external phono stage make sure it's compatible with the type of cartridge you're using (i.e. - moving magnet or moving coil).


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Thanks Dimmy, the turntables pretty old so that could be interesting finding out, its an old one ive had for ages, just thought it might be worth dusting it off to put in the bedroom, Ill try it through the old Aiwa Aux inputs to see if it works and go from there, why didnt I think of that before !!!:suicide:

Thanks again for all your help.


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Originally posted by mrmcdean
Ill try it through the old Aiwa Aux inputs to see if it works and go from there....

If your Sony turntable has a built-in phono pre-amplifier it will have a little on/off switch at the rear, or it could be accessed through the holes in the platter when you lift up the rubber mat.
Take a look through the holes in the platter for the switch, it's usually found at ten o'clock position. :cool:


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Thanks Gringottsdirect, I'll take a look tonight and see what the situation is,

Thanks again to everyone.:hiya:

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