DENON DHT500SD...after 2 yrs


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Hi Denon owners,
What do you think you'll do when HD DVDs become popular after a couple of yrs. Can you conect another DVD player (with HDMI) to it and get the sound thru the denon, while getting the picture from that HD player?
And what about SACD and DVD Audio then?


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Once the studios start making full use of the audio capability available on an HD/BD disc, I'm not sure that the amp in the denon will be able to handle the format (uncompressed 5.1)...

I bought the DHT550 which has a separate amp to the dvd player before I realised this however, simply because in my last all in one the drive broke but the amp was still perfect - at least now i can replace the dvd player and still use the denon amp...who knows whether it will cope with future formats - i don't even know if the 1st generation of HD players can!!!!
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