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Denon DHT-M330DV Dedicated Headphone Amp?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by fussylogic, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. fussylogic


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    I'm thinking of purchasing the Denon DHT-M330DV. But one thing is very important for me. Does somebody know if the DHT-M330DV got a dedicated headphone amplifier. Because I want to use this set in combination with a sennheiser HD-600 300 ohm headphone.

    I had the philips HD 1500, but because of lack of remote control and bad headphone (it broke the second day), I liked the dolby headphone sound with my movies. So I searched for a good alternative and find this nice Denon. Please can someone let me know how this dolby headphone sounds on the denon and if I can use an high ohm headphone?

    Also a side question is: Does somebody recommend the ADV-M71 or ADV-M51 over the DHT-M330DV, except that the ADV-Mx1 is 35W instead of 20W output. For me that's no problem, because I cannot turn the volume up, otherwise is everybody awake in the house.

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