Denon DHT-500SD vs Yamaha 657RDS and Maudant Short Avant Premier Plus

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by ColdKilla, Jun 21, 2005.

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    OK I was about to buy a 42" plasma probably a panasonic, then decided that the screen would in fact over-power our living room (well the wife did) then decided on a 32 LCD thinking the Pany Viera was the way to go - Then I read this forum and was set on the 32PF9986 from Philips, in my head this was a done deal and then I was putting my time into obtaining better quality surround sound than my 6-7 year old digitheatre system kicks out.

    I was also decided on the Yamaha 657RDS AV Receiver and the Mordaunt Short Avant Premiere Plus Speaker system to add the ummph to my home cinema setup.

    More reading has lead to more confusion!!! I have now decided it would be best to wait for the 9830 philips to be released around august time due to the much improved connectivity as I couldn't really see the best way to connect everything to the current 9986.

    Anyway bearing in mind that I will be buying the philips 9830 or if the release gets pushed back too far the 9986 would I be better getting the Denon DHT-500SD all in one or going for the yamaha amp and above mentioned speakers.

    I know there is a few hundred quid difference in the price between the separates and the all in one but does anyone have expereince as to whether it is worth forking out this few extra quid or will I be more than blown away with the 500SD anyway?

    Also would either connect ok to the 9830 and or the 9886?!!!

    Any help advice would be much appreciated.


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