Denon DHT-500SD Speaker Buzz - driving me mad!



I have a Denon DHT-500SD and the rear left speaker has developed a buzzing sound that is slowly turning me into a dribbling, twitching, madman.

It sounds like one of the speaker cones had gone, so I checked it and all looked fine ... so I tested it with another of the speakers and I got the same buzzing/crackling sound. Then I changed the connections at the back of the box, i.e. I plugged the rear right cable into the rear left port, (thinking it might be interference on the cable) and it still buzzed.

So I believe the problem is internal to the box rather than the speakers or speaker cable.

The other point it that I only notice it when the box outputs Dolby Pro Logic, e.g. on MTV, as with 5.1 DVDs I don’t hear the buzz at all.

Can anyone help? Pleeeeeease!


Nick :)
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