Denon DHT-500 speaker covers


Okay, one of my speakers took a little knock from a now deceased (j/k) person. Unfortunately some of the silver filament (or whatever that stuff is) has become frayed and althought it hasn't affected the speaker, it just looks a little unsightly.

Does anyone know where I can get new covers? i.e. preferably not the Denon source as I'm sure they'll charge the earth.



I would definatly not suggest nipping down your local Currys and doing a quick swap 'cos that would be a really bad thing to do :rotfl:

Seriously...not sure anyone but Denon would supply them, worth asking them for the price (they respond to emails fairly quickly). Or can you swap with another cover where the speaker is in a less noticable position?


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These covers are bad for doing this...I'm sure somebody out there has removed them and would be happy to sell you one. Is it the centre or one of the sats?



The damaged one is for the front on the right hand side.

I may well have to buy a new cover from Denon direct, or I might well just remove them altogether.

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