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Denon DHT-500 cable help


Turnip Turner

Hello to you all. I have just purchased online the Denon DHT-500 after reading many reviews including very helpfull review info from this forum and experiencing the sound quality in a store.

The one remaining question I have is regarding the speaker cables...

are they any good? or can anybody recommend a cable to upgrade to that they have experienced better sound with and that will fit in the terminals on the rear of the speakers ok???

Also what about upgrading the passive sub speaker cable?

Brand names and prices most appreciated

Thanks in advance!


Active Member
Personally I've been using the supplied cables for the last few months and they sound good. I know what you mean, I think hisorically companies used to supply really terrible cable with their systems but I'm inclined to think that's not so much the case. Of course, if you'd invested a small fortune in a seperates system then you'd invest a load in the cable but IMHO, at the Denons price point, I wonder how much difference you'd notice spending a load of money on speaker cable (law of diminishing returns).

My advice would be to spend a respectable amount on the SCART/Component cable to connect the Denon to your TV. I got this one (although there is a vast amount of alterntive choices:


Try out the speaker cable supplied and see what you think, it's easy to spend the money at a later date.

This is just my opinion and others might have a totally different take on this.


Smiffy 2

Well-known Member
Tend to agree with Nathan.
I already had speaker cables in situ when I purchased my 500 so haven't used the supplied ones.
They do look to be reasonable quality though.
You could spend a fair bit of money on replacements but would you HONESTLY notice any real difference?

Turnip Turner

Thanks for your input.

The only reason I ask is that the rear surround speakers are approx 15m away and my general rule is, the longer the run, the thicker the cable...

The cables I got with my old sony DAV300 were a bit naff, at the end of the day a good sized copper stranded cable will do nicely, the oxygen free part just removes the oxygen at the manufacturing process to reduce oxidization in the future, but by the time that happens, I would have probably upgraded cable again, had four kids, and be thinking of putting on a pair of slippers!

I have already spent a few quid on some component cables for my projector which had to be 10m long, so I have no quams of spending some more on cable, at the end of the day a thicker cable might give a slight improvement if any, but will not do any harm

Anybody else had any cable upgrading stories? Post on please...... :hiya:


Distinguished Member
I find that the supplied cables with the DHT500 seem fine.

I upgraded the cable on the front pair of my main separates system and noticed a good difference, but did the same on the rear and noticed no difference at all.

I would have thought the differecne would be less with the Denon, if anything.

You may find that it is not worth the upgrade, especially as you have such long runs to buy.

As an aside, I notice that you mention you have a 15m room :eek: . Does the Denon do a good job of filling a huge romm like this with sound?


Active Member
Yeah, Turnip, 15metres! I think your room could probably double as the Village Hall!

The rear surround cables are only 10m long...you'll need new cables anyway..
Methinks the wee Denon might struggle. The amp is OK, at a gutsy 100w x 6, but the satellite speakers are very small and in a room this size I suspect you'll at least want some decent front stereo floor standers...and possibly the addition of an almighty Active Sub.



Standard Member
In a pinch, use mains flex wire - rated for 3 amps or more. Substantial and will carry 36 or more watts into a four-ohm load -- more than you ears could tolerate for more than a few seconds.

Larry S

Turnip Turner

I think we've got our wires crossed somewhere (no pun intended!) My room is only 4m by 4m, but my cables run up the corner of the wall in plastic trunking, then across the roof to the back of the room. This is where the rear sorrounds are and the projector. 10m cables do the job nicely. Since I bought an LCD projector I have had to but 10m/15m lengths of composite 75ohm video cable, S-Video cable, Monitor cable for pc, recently a component cable and I have even had to put a new mains spur in the roof just above the projector for a tidy power run.

With all my cables I seperate the mains from any signal cables which I think is good practice. Any body thinking of getting a front projector, I highly recommend you get one. Takes a bit of effort to set up but its the best way for a large screen. Mine is set at 96" corner to corner on a 16:9 draper luma screen. The picture quality is amazing, especially compared to alot of plasmas I have looked at recently which can't seem to display textures like water of sports action too well without suffering from a block digital effect. But plasmas seem to be good if you only use the best connections available

Just received my Denon DHT-500 from Digital Direct (£384) arrived on fourth working day. Just finished setting up via component and watched part of a DVD I saw last week through my old s-video. The picture difference is well worth it. The colours are much more vibrant and the whole picture is very smoooth. Can't fault it or the sound. Had to knock the sub down -2db to stop booming.....and as for the fan noise people are posting about....what noise? ( Though I have got an LCD projector with cooling fans, so I dont really hear it anymore) :thumbsup:

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