Denon D-M41: iR Sensor or Remote Crtl?


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Greetings - A Denon D-M41 CD player (D-M41 | HiFi System with CD and Bluetooth | Denon), purchased early December 2019, a pretty ok stereo actually. The issue, either the remote is faulty or the stereo's internal sensor is acting up; the remote seems to work only within a feet or two of the unit. Remote control hardly works when more than 3 feet away and farther away it just doesn't work with the unit. Other than that the unit seems ok. The last time it worked fine was a few days ago perhaps last Wednesday or Tuesday. An event, on Friday I received a Boltune Bluetooth transmitter, to connect it to the 2nd optical port on the back of the Denon, the stereo was pulled out and slightly inclined a little bit for a good view of the optical port. This might have been done twice or three times, and it was done carefully. I wonder if this messed up something inside the unit. Today, the remote tested by holding in front of a phone's camera and it does light up after pressing buttons on it. Another detail, I do think I dropped the remote on Thursday, it was not a high drop but do recall it fell from the sofa. What do you think? I have warranty but dealing with these things can be a hassle. Just in case I ordered another Remote control of the same model, it could take a while to arrive. Please let me know your thoughts, I still play CDs which is the main reason for using this nice Denon system. Thanks in advance.


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Daft question but you have tried a new battery in the the remote I presume?

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