Denon Ceol Piccolo DRA-N4 now has power button red when switched off


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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday afternoon when I switched on my Denon Piccolo instead of going to radio as it usually does there was a message on the screen about a firmware update. I tried to install the upgrade but got an error message '0x01' and the device froze. I then did a factory reset and managed to recover functionality but now, when the device is switched off instead of the power button being unlit it now glows a solid red colour. I know flashing red indicates an amp circuit problem, but there's no explanation in the manual for what solid red means. Has this happened to anyone else? I think there may have been some upgrade as it used to take over a minute for the device to warm up or connect to wi-fi but today it only took a few seconds - anyone else noticed this change?


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My Piccolo N5 has had a solid red illuminated power button (when the device is switched off) for as long as I can remember (which is at least 5 years). As far as I'm aware this is standard behaviour and nothing to worry about.


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Well spotted @Moviola. In my particular case I must have had 'Network Control' enabled since day 1.


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