Question Denon AVRX4500H no sound and no menu display on hdmi after no power for some hours.


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yesterday i turned off the power in some parts of my appartment due to some installation of home automation devices.
This lasted for like 1-2h, later in the evening my girlfriend wanted to watch some TV. She complained that there where
no sound. So i started to troubleshoot, seems i had no sound at all from any of my channels, htpc, PS4, Chromecast, tuner and
HEOS. Tried to access the menu via the "hdmi" and nothing happens.

Started the app on my android and connected. There i see in the output all is greyed out but shows 5.1ch. When i pick speakers
i see greyed out Front Speaker > and in white Remote Control > if i go to Front Speaker it says Can only be set when the
"Amp Assign" is set to "Front B". Selecting Remote Control and then try to hit setup, option, info etc doesn't do a thing (this is
the same all over in the app)

I then went to general section and checked firmware, it said update is available, even though i have auto update etc etc and the
AVR is standby every night. I tried the update, it took like 6min. When i went back again it said update available, this one took 11min,
so i did that one too, and checking again... another update... also 11min. So tried that too. Still same thing. No sound at all from
any of the channels. When i went into the HEOS app to check if sound worked, it stated an update is needed. So i did that update.
It updated my AVR again and then hanged the app, so i restarted the app, and it said update available again... so tried again. Same
thing, AVR updates and app just hangs there... waited around 20min before restarted that app. Still same thing when starting, update

So i tried a factory reset to start over, once it was done there where still no sound. Menu was still not accessible. When i check in
my denon app the output now shows alot of speakers but they are all still greyed out. Selecting speakers in the app shows the same
as i wrote above. Checked the firmware, still updates available... so i tried to do like 3-4 more of those in a row... but still the same.

I've also unplugged all speaker cables, hdmi and optical ones. Still same thing. Tried factory reset, still same thing.

I tried to see if i could get the menu on my screen only having the hdmi cable plugged in. Since my TV is an old one with no arc support
i have it in Monitor 2, i also tried changing via the app between auto and monitor 2. Since i have used same hdmi cable to the TV since
i first connected the AVR i know that it is working to display the menu. I've tried to change channels and then press setup on remote or
via remote in app... no menu. Also when there is no signal on the IN it's not showing up Denon on screen anymore, i think this is one of the
reasons the menu isn't working anymore.

I've tried to search the web for more info about this but can't find anything. I sent a mail to hifiklubben in Sweden where i bought it 1,5y ago.
And now i'm trying to see if any of you have experienced this behavior.

Hope you had a merry xmas and wish you a happy new year!
Cheers Dawid

EDIT: Tried to do Firmware Restore aswell, still same thing. No sound, no menu etc..
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Hello Leandred.

Having the same issue here. Strange as it is, no one can give me a answer. Have you solved this?

Best regards.



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Hi Andre, i had to turn it in. Mine was just a 1,5y old so they replaced the hdmi module without any costs. But i have my doubts that it's really fixed. The CBL/SAT port still behaves randomly strange, so are testing with different hdmi cables, swapping between my htpc, ps5 and ip tv box to that port to see if it still sometimes doesnt work.... tbc


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