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I'm hoping someone can put me out of my misery!

I have recently purchased a new Denon AVRX2700 and two Monitor Audio Subwoofers. Both the subs are quite old (an RSW-12 and a radius 360). Both of these have a left and right RCA in, and the manuals for both say 'If a digital A/V processor orA/V receiver/amplifier is to be used, a single cable can be connected from the 'sub out' or LFE connection on the amplifier to the RCA input connection labelled 'R'. The RCA input marked 'L' in this case will remain unused.' The manual for the Denon AVR suggests the same.

I have hooked both subs up but Audyssey set up does not output any sound. I've tried changing the power supply and tried different RCA cables but no joy. I've changed the speaker size and changed the LFE settings as per LFE - MODES but subs still aren't recognised . I have created a support ticket with Denon who have suggested that the subs may be too old, but I can't see why a basic RCA / LFE connection should not be compatible.

I have borrowed a friend's Yamaha NS-SW050 which has a single LFE input and Audyssey recognises it, so I know that there's nothing wrong with the pre-out on the amp.

Is it right that the subs are incompatible? If so is there anything I need to look out for when buying a replacement that will allow me to know what is and what isn't compatible?

Many thanks for any help!


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You need only connect a single mono connection from the AV receiver's subwoofer pre outs to just one of the RCA inputs on one, the other or both of the subs you mention. Left and right inputs are included to fascilitate using the subs with stereo setups devoid of a mono sub pre out. Simply connect the sub pre out to the right RCA input on either sub.

There's no need to look at or buy a new sub.

Prior to running the Audyssey calibration, first ensure that you've set the subwoofer setting in the speaker configurations to a setting that includes a sub. Do not set it to NONE.

Now set the volume on the rear of the subs to about 10 o'clock, phase to 0° and the frequency filter to its highest possible setting. This may be labelled LFE? Also ensure that the subs are connected to the mains power and that they are turned on. You can now run the calibration.

Post calibration, set all speakers as being SMALL via the speaker configurations and set the associated crossover configirations on the AV receiver no lower than 80Hz.

There should be no incompatibility with the subs you mention and your AV receiver. If still not working then the issue would be a fault with the subs that means that they are not working as opposed to there being a compatibility oissue.


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Hi @dante01 , many thanks for taking the time to reply; much appreciated.

I've set things as you suggest (image below) but I'm still not getting anything

Here's a video of my going through the setup - I think I have everything as you suggest .

For info the rear of the Yamaha NS-SW050 I tried that does work looks like the below:


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The sub should work and can only suggest that the Monitor Audio subs are fauly and not in working order if the receiver is failing to detect them or output anything via them.

Did you buy them recently or have you had them in your possession from new? Have you ever heard them work with other setups?

By the way, don't bother setting the speaker sizes before the calibration. This will be ignored by the calibration and those settings would be erased and overwritten by a calibration.


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I got these recently second hand. The radius 360 the seller says worked when connected via the speaker wire but they didn't use the RCA / LFE connection. Do you think if I try a one male to two male RCA into the sub and try another output source that that would tell me anything?


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using both inputs will have no effect. Simply swop the input to the left one if wanting to check whether or not it is an issue with the right input.

I've a feeling that you've bought faulty goods?


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It might also be worth doing a factory reset on the AVR itself. But as with @dante01 - to me it sounds like faulty goods.

Is it possible for you to test the MA subs on your friends AVR (the one who lent you the Yamaha sub)? This would confirm if the MA subs are faulty

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