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I have had myDenon AVR 4500 for around a month now. Nice amp, and enjoy the remote control on denon app - iphone. Paired with Monitor audio silver 6/ silver 1 and kef sub.

In the eco mode, I was watching a movie on Max volume. It was load enough, but I did not expect it to be so... quiet.

It only allows you to go up to 72 out of 100 in eco. On level 20, well I could hardly hear it at all.

Used audioaudisy automatic setup.

Have I done something wrong. I thoought an amp like that would play at such a loud level that on about 60 would be waking the neigbours.


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Yeah, that does allow for the sound to be louder, but even in eco, I expected it to be louder at level 20 or so. When you go to 15 it is vertually silent. Guess I also wanted to know if that was normal.


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Change the volume setting in the denon menu, it works on a different scale

I think you want relative

It is preferable to use the "relative" as opposed to the "absolute" master volume scale, but the options onboard Denon receivers are not termed as such. There's a 0 - 98 option and a
–79.5 dB – 18.0 dB option listed within the receiver's AUDIO/VOLUME/SCALE settings. THe former is an absolute scale while the latter is relative. The following may help explain the difference:
What’s the Difference Between Relative and Absolute Volume?

The following may also help to explain what is meant by "reference" when refering to volume levels:
THX reference level explained - Acoustic Frontiers

As to the Eco mode, this existing thread may be of interest:
Question - Denon eco mode?
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