Denon AVR2803 - using a sound level meter


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I have just purchased an AZ 8928 Digital Sound Level Meter to help me with the setup of my 5.1 speaker system with my Denon AVR2803 amp. I have the KEF eggs (HTS2001) and also the REL Q150E sub woofer.

Anyway the manual for the AMP says:

"The level of each channel should be adjusted to 75 dB (C-weighted, slow meter mode) on a sound level meter at the listening position"

I have set the delay time in meters for each speaker to the listening postion.

The question relates to the 75 dB. I am using the Setting Channel level feature under the setup menu, which plays pink noise for each speaker in turn. Is it right to set the level so that the average between the min and max sound levels is around 75 dB or does it need to be more precise than that. I can't fathom out how to set it to exactly 75 dB as the manual suggests.

Many thanks for any help

Gordon Avon


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I'm getting a level meter soon and all advice will be helpful. have a bump on me !

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