Denon AVR2113 standby issue


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Hi, have only just got the 2113 & it seems awesome but there does seem an issue with standby.


Samsung LCD 40" 1080p about 3years old

The main problem I seem to have is that if AVR is off and I turn the tv on, there is a clear 1080p picture (from the tivo) with sound for about 5sec & then the tv shows "No Signal". Then if I turn the AVR on, it auto set's to TV Audio. So have to then hit source for the tivo.

While watching tivo & then turn the AVR off, the screen returns with sound and a 1080i res, which is fine.

Have tried 2 different hdmi cables, but still lose the signal after 5sec when turning on the tv while the avr is off.

Tried turning off the hdmi control in the AVR. But when I turn off the avr, I lose the signal completely. When I turn off & on the tv, I don't even get a brief signal come through at all.

Really not sure what is going on or what part is failing to handshake. The tv doesn't have allot of control, so I don't see an hdmi control option.

I've tried to bypass the avr & go directly from the tivo & tv & everything is fine.

Has anyone with this 2113 receiver & Tivo had this same problem?


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I think I've already explained to you that the TiVo doesn't output anything more than 1080i. If the receiver is in standby then you'll not get anything more than 1080i from your TiVo and you are only getting a 1080p signal when the receiver is powered up because you are using the receiver's upscaling abilities to scale up the 1080i signal from the TiVo to 1080p.

Try turning HDMI control off on the TV, not the receiver.


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I know you did & that's why I said "the screen returns with sound and a 1080i res, which is fine"

Ok, I will have to look into the tv's settings more as I guess it must be something to do with it then :S


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In Video/HDMI Setup is the "Standby Source" set to the TiVo? If not then set it to the source that corresponds to the input you are using for the TiVo.


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Yep that is what it was already set to.

Right, finally found the problem.

Seems my tv was still using Anynet. This was when I was using my Panasonic blu-ray direct to the tv. It would auto turn to the blu-ray player source when turned on.
I guess this is Samsung's version of the hdmi control. Completely forgot about Anynet :S

Now just have to wait for the new hdmi's to come. Just shows how some cheap hdmi's are actually no good. Still very odd though.

Thanks again for your support dante.

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