Denon AVR2113 or Marantz SR6006


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Hi all,

It might be a noob question, but I cannot decide which receiver to get.

The Denon AVR2113 is this years model, with all its new technology
The Marantz SR6006 is last years model, but also a class above the denon, at least that is how I see it.

I'ts main use is for watching TV and movies. I will also use them for music, but I am nu audiophile.

The speakers I am planning to buy with these are the KEF KHT3005SE. I also like the B&W MT50, but they are a bit out of my price range. I have also been told that the KEF's are the better allrounder for tv and movies.
I have heard both, and the KEF is more "surround" then the B&W. These on the other hand were more "relaxed" in sound. I only listened to a 2.1 setup as the surround sound room was unavailable. However they assured me that the front speakers matter, not the back.

The specs for the receiver are not that high. I only need a minimum of 4 HDMI ports, with some room for expansion.

I think I cannot go wrong with any of these 2 receivers, but because it is such an investment, I would like some advise from users or experts on this forum.

Thanks in advance for your help. :)


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Well i bought recently the Marantz SR6006, love it. Great AV receiver and you can get them for between £500-£600. Also love they way it looks with the little porthole. If you dont need all the latest, i would go for the Marantz and also: how much worse would it sound versus the newer model? Not i would say.

i run the Marantz with Focal Dome 5.1 speaker system.



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I bought the Denon receiver to go with the KEF system. Got some advice from a shop, and they said the Denon would suit me better than the Marantz.
Thanx for the advice.

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