Denon AVR1804 only likes DD-EX & DTS-ES?



My Denon AVR1804 A/V amp displays that it has identified a DD-EX and DTS-ES signal on any DVD disc I play, even though none of the discs in my collection have the extra surround channel that according to the manual would trigger the machine to indicate this in the display. Is my amp malfunctioning or is this normal? My warranty period is soon to run out and I only realised there was a problem when a friend with an older AVR3802 told me his does not do this.


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In the setup you can turn the rear surround speaker outputs off... Try that then retry another 5.1 dvd... hopefully it would just say dolby d or dts now


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My 1804 does the same. If the rear-surround is switched on, then the display always shows EX/ES.

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