denon avr1802 help please

hi all i have denon avr 1802 amp but the question im askin is

the front on my amp is black .but im after a silver front for my avr1802
ive have seen them on the market in silver .. just wondering if anyone knows where i can get 1 for it thnx ryan


the only color other than black that i have seen is champagne :( i actualy owned the champagne one and to be honest i would have liked the black one. on a different note the amp is quite a decent starter amp...although i found the channels a little underpowered.....hence an upgrade to a yamaha a2

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The only possible way to get a silver one is aquire a scrapped example and then swap facia and buttons over. I doubt it would be easy to get hold of one, never mind the trouble of swapping over.
thnx for the reply lads its my first home amp the moment i have the panasonic scht 500 so i thought if i upgradded to this amp the sound will be better than the panny once i get my speakers sorted out .. what speakers do u recommend lads not big cash ..jamo etc

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