Denon AVR-x6700h video output stops working after about 15 - 30 mins


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I just set up my home theater which is a pretty basic configuration ->

Apple TV -> AVR-x6700h Receiver -> LG HU810PW 4K UHD Projector

Apple TV is set to 4k / HDR

Everything worked perfectly - watching star wars with the kids and after about 30 minutes the picture to the projector dropped, audio dropped, etc

The receiver still indicated that it was on - I turned it off, turned off apple TV, turned it back on and it worked again - but this time failed after ~10 minutes

The area the receiver in is enclosed but ventilated, maybe it's running too hot?

Could it be configuration of the Apple TV output?

Thank you for any assistance!


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PS - reading through comments from the Denon tech support forum looks like they have noted "The problem you are experiencing may be attributed to the TV's EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) dropping the negotiation with the sources when there's an HDMI repeating device like an AVR in the mix. Try connecting the sources to the TV directly via HDMI and use the TV's ARC feature to feed the audio back to the AVR using the already connected HDMI cable between the TV and AVR." - anybody have a take on this?


Not as uncommon as you think, especially if the HDMI cable is over 3 metres for 4K. If under that length then a new cable may solve the issue. Never had such a problem with my X6500 on 4K but my cable is a metre long and not to a PJ.

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