Question Denon AVR X520BT Vs AVR 3805


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Hi All,
If you were able to buy a AVR X520BT or a AVR 3805 at the same price for your apartment, which one would you go for?
X520BT seems to have more features but at the same time I see many "non-working X-series" in the used market, so I was wondering if X-series to more prone to failure compared to the older versions like 3805.
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As old as it is the 3805 is a far superior receiver to the 520. You will miss the newer features onboard the 520 but as for pure audio quality the 3805 is the best. For a comparison to get the same quality with a present day unit then you would be looking at the X3500 which is several tiers above the 520.


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While I agree quality wise the 3805 will be better it's old enough not to have any HDMI inputs which might be a problem these days.

If you've got a reasonably modern TV that will output 5.1 from the optical output and has enough HDMI inputs for your needs then if it's cheap enough the 3805 could be a good choice.

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