Denon AVR-X4300H Randomly Max Volume


A few days ago I noticed there was no audio from my center channel of the 4 year old Denon AVR-X4300H. I power cycled my receiver and everything was normal. Yesterday, when I turned on my receiver the audio was blasting at full volume out of all speakers. The volume readout was at a low value, but the actual volume out was seemingly maxed out. I disconnected all speakers, reconnected, and everything came back to normal. Today, The same thing happened, except there does not seem to be a fix. I power cycled, nope. Pulled the power cord for 30min, re-plugged, nope. Unplugged speakers and re-plugged, nope. Factory reset the receiver, nope. I can turn the volume knob all the way down to 0 and get no sound, but after increasing the volume just a tad the audio again is blasting at full volume (but again, the readout indicates low volume).

Come to think of it...there were also a couple of times ~1 year ago when the subwoofer all the of the sudden went to max volume. I believe a power cycle fixed that at that time but not positive.

I have a few questions:
1. Any idea what is going on or what to check?
2. How should I debug this without a speaker hooked-up (I don't want any speakers connected because its just crazy loud).
3. Is this a dead end and it's time to get a new receiver?

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