denon avr-x3700h protection code:dc


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had an issue and. resolution i’d like to share:

i recently installed a denon avr-x3700h receiver in
into an existing rack configuration that was put together almost 8 years the rack had a bunch of old component units supported by 2x richard cray
power conditioners.
about a week into installing the receiver the
receiver shut down with this DC protection error.
talking with denon - thats an internal error. so i replaced the unit with another.. a few days later
the new u it had the same issue..

digging deeper, i wanted to eliminate the richard crays. in that process i discovered the RC going to feeding rack where the avr is installed was plugged into a home made extension cord. i tested the extension cord and found the neutral and hot were reversed. the other RC for the second rack was plugged in to the same outlet as the extension cord and which tested fine.

i corrected the mis wire on the extension chord
powered everything back up left the RCs inplace. has been running for a week now without issue

anyone have any idea how a reversed hot/neutral
was affecting the denon?

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