(Denon AVR-X3700H) Getting conflicting advice from local stores


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Hi folks,

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I've been getting some conflicting advice from home theatre stores locally in Australia, and I'm really hoping all of the experts in here can lend some guidance to help clear up the confusion I'm currently working through.

For my new house build, I'm wanting to put 6 x 8 inch speakers in the living room ceiling, and then 2 x 8 inch speakers in the Alfresco area, and ideally have them hooked up to the same AV Receiver with multi-room/multi-zone functionality between both areas.

I've been told by one store here that by going with Denon for the AV-Receiver (AVR-X3700H) using their HEOS multi-zone feature it'll capably handle all 8 speakers since it's a 9ch unit.

The speakers I've been recommended to go for (by the same store) are these bad boys:
Bowers & Wilkins CCM382 8-Inch In-Ceiling Loudspeakers Pair | Humidity Resistance

Now, when speaking to another local home theatre store about the desired setup, the guy immediately said "no way, that won't work, you'll fry the inputs on the AV Receiver by running all 8 speakers into the same unit, due to the impedance of all 8 speakers" so he recommended potentially splitting up the 8 speakers in total (6 in Living Room and 2 in Alfresco) into groups of 4, for one group to be handled by the Denon AVR-X3700H, and the other 4 to be handled by a dedicated Power Amp.

Today, when I went back into the store I was originally talking to and mentioned the potential risk of "frying" the AV Receiver due to the impedance of the speakers, he said "Nope, no chance, won't happen - because the AVR-X3700H has individual power rails available for each individual channel, so that would stop the overheating or potential damage to the Receiver".

I just don't know who to believe here, and I haven't been able to find enough easy-to-understand advice online to put this one to bed and make a definitive decision on which way to go.

Can anyone in here share some thoughts/experience on which way to go?

Thanks all so much in advance!


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You appear to have posted 2 threads asking the same question:


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Those are 8 ohm speakers. Unless you were connecting them together in parallel, that load is exactly what this receiver is designed for.

For instance, I have 3 x 4 ohm, 2 x 6 ohm, and 4 x 8 ohm all running on my Denon x3700 simultaneously without issue.

Edit: Ha! I picked the wrong version of this thread!
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