Denon AVR-X3600H playing composite video from VCR


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I'm hoping I'm not the only one here who keeps a VHS deck plumbed into their AV system :) Since upgrading to a X3600H, I've found the amp has trouble converting the composite video signal to HDMI. The sympton is that using any of the functions on the VCR that 'disturb' the video signal (pause, fast-forward etc.) cause the amp to display HDMI snow. The picture usually rights itself after a few seconds, but sometimes not.

I've tried changing some of the settings - selecting video interlace mode instead of auto, sharpness etc., but the problem persists.

I didn't have this problem with my old Pioneer amp, or playing the VCR through a Panasonic DVD recorder with SCART input. I was wondering if anyone else has found this issue on the X3600H (or any other Denon receivers)? I've raised a support ticket with Denon tech support.. I'm hoping this is fixed in a future firmware update.


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Scart! I think that that may be one legacy connection that is firmly passed into history. The bean counters probably look at these things and ditch them to save money. The 3600 still has component in and perhaps a scart to component would be a better connection? I suspect over the next few years even component will disappear. I wouldn't hold your breath for a firmware update either.



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Heh.. the DVD recorder and amp were both 2010 vintage.. I guess people were more likely to want to connect up a VHS deck back then. The blu-ray recorder I upgraded to a couple of years ago didn't have analogue video in, hence why I had to run the VHS deck through the amp.

I guess most people using the composite video in are going to want to connect up an old-skool PlayStation, which probably wouldn't suffer from the same problem as the video signal is stable compared to a VHS tape. Still, it's handy to have the option to play back from a VCR for those hardcore media collectors amongst us that have a few rare tapes that haven't yet made it to DVD or blu-ray and like playing the original media. I'm hoping this is a bug that can be fixed in firmware.



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Right. My 2d-worth: PAL video with not very stable sync pulses (from a VHS machine) into a MPEG coder inside the AVR, output via hdmi to TV where it is decoded.

Probably analogue syncs issue. But maybe a codec issue due to the sync/picture irregularites when paused/started and FF/REW? {Played in a lab with a few, trying and mostly succeeding in 'breaking' them when I was employed.}
I very much doubt that this can be fixed in firmware.

An AVR with composite in->composite out to the TV would be less breakable. But you could try a Time Base Corrector or a better VCR (S-VHS ones had better circuits and inbuilt TBC I believe)?

Perhaps make digital copies of these rare VCR tapes (DVD-recorder?) if not macrovision protected, rather than playing the originals?

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