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I moved my Front Towers, part of my MA Bronze 6AV10 5.1 speaker setup, a few days ago so thought it a good idea to run Audyssey for some new recommended settings, I don't necessarily use them but they can be a good guide & then tweak until the ear's are relatively happy. Following my reading of past posts on speaker settings, and what a potential minefield that can be, I set all the speakers at Small with Crossovers that I tinker with but recently I was reading that good settings were Sub=120, Towers=80, Centre & surrounds=100. I changed to these settings but then moved the Towers & as said ran Audyssey. Now to my query, Audyssey changed the Crossovers to Front=Full Band, Centre & Surround=60, so if I now change the Crossovers back to my preferred settings as above will this throw out the Speaker Levels that Audyssey has recommended as I assume Audyssey has matched the Crossovers & Speaker Levels to be balanced? There does not seem to be the ability for the owner to set the Crossovers & then ask Audyssey to match the remaining settings to your chosen Crossovers or have I missed something? It would appear that I have little choice but to just return to trial & error until the old earholes are happy.
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The Audyssey calibration erases and deletes any previous bass management configurationss. You'd configure the bass management post the Ausyssey calibration and not set the speaker sizes and crossovers prior to the calibration. Any speaker size and crossover setting you'd set prior to the calibration will not be in effect during said calibration.

Regardless of your speakers' actual physical size , you'd ordinarilly be recommended to set all speakers as SMALL and not set the crossovers below 80Hz. If the calibration results in speakers being set with higher crossovers than this then you'd also be advised not to set them lower than where the AV receiver determined their roll offs to be. The LPF of LFE setting should always ne set to its 120Hz default.

You can manually adjust the bass management configurations post calibration without it having any adverse effect upon the room EQ adjustments. You'd in fact be recommended to always make such manual adjustments post calibration.
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I'd also recommend looking at the results graphs in the app. For example, if your subwoofer only showed in room output measured by Audyssey up to ~100Hz then it would not seem a good idea to set a crossover higher than this 🤣

If you share screenshots from the app of each graph, people on here would be well willing to give their input if you wish.

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