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Dec 30, 2009
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Ok, so I got my brand new Denon AVR-X3200W AVR yesterday & couldn't wait to set it all up.
I managed to go through the basic setup & got it working... Well most things.

I have 2 issues that I would like help with, will summarise them here & if you are able to help, please read on!
- Having the HDMI audio OUT from the Sky + HD box as Dolby Digital rather than having to set it as Stereo in order for the sound to work on the Zone 2 TV.
- Zone 2 HDMI pass through - so I can watch TV using the Sky box without having the AVR on in the main zone.

1) In order to get my audio to work as well as the video on my Zone 2 TV (in my bedroom - Main zone being the lounge where the AVR, Sky + HD, Blu-Ray etc lives), I need to set the audio OUT to Stereo on my Sky box. But this sucks when I am in the Main zone & watching a film that supports DD, but I am forced to watch it in Stereo unless I change the setting every time - which I really don't want to do, as I will forget to change it back & my GF would defo forget.
I thought my changing the Zone 2 audio setting to PCM rather than THROUGH would resolve this (so leaving the Sky OUT set as DD), but no such luck.
I understand that if both Zones are active then the AVR will take the standard supported by both (would be stereo), so the Main would output sound in Stereo - that's fine, I can live with that as it won't affect me very often.

2) I fear that this isn't possible, if so then it might not suit my requirements & may have to be returned :(
But when I swapped the HDMI OUTs (so Main to Zone 2), the HDMI pass through worked ok - so the video & audio worked ok on my bedroom TV (originally Zone 2, but changed to Main to test my theory).
I have gone through the settings & made sure the LAST HDMI source that was used is passed through, but still nothing.
Any ideas?

I hope I am just being stupid & missed something really obvious in the settings, I not fluent in the AVR language.

Thanks in advance!
HDMI works in a way that means the destinations capabilities dertermine the audio and video format the source can output. If your second zone hardware cannot handle a format then the source cannot therefore output that format. AS far as audio goes then the solution would be to have a second AV receiver in that zone prior to the TV there. The AV receiver's audio capabilities would then be used as opposed to those associated with your zone 2 TV's.

HDMI passthrough in standby only functions with the MAIN HDMI output.

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