Denon avr-X3100W zone confusion with sound and projector


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Hi everyone - Im very new to the world of AVRs and Im trying to fix an issue that my parents have been burdened with for too long.

Im trying to figure out a few basics as well as get past an immediate problem they are having. Sorry in advance for some of these basic questions...

They have an avr-X3100W which is dual zoned:
  • Main zone is the projector in the theatre room, they have a 5.1 speaker system in the theatre room wired though the walls and connected to the sound points in the Denon - the Projector is conencted to the HDMI port "monitor ARC" on the Denon
  • Zone 2 being the family room with a new TV - a Samsung TV connected to the Zone 2 HDMI out port.

The first issue we have is that the projector (Panasonic PT-AE8000) simply will not show any video when it is plugged into the "Monitor ARC" HDMI out port in the Denon - however, works fine when I plug it into the Zone 2 HDMI port (I have made sure to check that the Main Zone source and the Zone 2 source is correctly selected)

The projector just seems to loop trying to find an input source and the picture never shows... But when I plug the TV into the "monitor ARC" HDMI port (e.g. swap them) it seems to work - could this be a soft setting somewhere? e.g. resolution, other?

A very basic question I have here: should the display device (e.g. projector) in the Main Zone always be connected to the Monitor ARC HDMI out port? the manual really doesnt talk at all about that port and what it does... Or am I missing something here?

So if I use Zone 2 to display video to the projector (because it works), my next issue/question is related to audio - since we have connected the speakers into the Denon and the audio from the Main Zone seems to come out OK - how do I tell the Denon to pass the audio from a different input source (e.g. blueray, or xbox) to these speakers if the video is Zone 2?

Sorry but Im having all sorts of issues here and just need some guidance

I have tried to illustrate the setup below to help anyone with out setup:

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