Denon AVR-X2700H issues


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I’m hoping I can receive some assistance with my new Denon AVR-X2700H.

During my initial setup a few days ago when I first turned the receiver on after purchasing it, it went through the initial setup-assistant process fine. At the time I skipped the speaker calibration using the microphone. Today I decided to do the speaker calibration with the microphone. I plugged the mic in and the display on the unit read “Audyssey”, then “Calibration”, then “Start”, however the setup screen shown in the manuals is not showing on the TV screen. All that is showing on the screen is the video from the input device that is selected. The same thing occurs when I just press the “Setup” button on the remote – that is, no menus appear.

I then thought that maybe a factory reset would take it back to the start and allow me to go through the entire system setup process again, so I did the factory initialisation process by turning the receiver on while also holding down the tuner + and – buttons. Not only did it not display the entire initial setup process as I’d hoped, but it also created a new problem. Now I have zero sound coming out of the speakers, although the video signal from the input device is still shown.

It’s as if maybe it’s not acknowledging that I have speakers attached, and needs to go through the set-up assistant process, however I just can’t access or at least see any setup process on-screen. I can’t even use the phone app to access the setup, presumably because after doing the factory reset the receiver is no longer connected to my Wi-Fi.

I have tried linking the receiver to the TV via both the “ARC” HDMI slots on the receiver and TV, and the non-ARC HDMI slots on the receiver and TV, but the same symptoms occur either way.

Has anyone got any advice about where I’m going wrong and how to get my receiver working? Please bear in mind that I’m very inexperienced with setting up AV receivers (my last one lasted me 25 years!), so you’ll have to talk to me like you’re instructing a kindergarten kid 😊


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