Denon avr-x2700h and samsung q80t issues


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OK so to get it out of the way I know there is a major issue with the HDMI 2.1 on the denon.

My question, however, is in regard to the so called solution to circumnavigate the issue that I can't get working.

Setup: Denon avr-x2700h
Samsung 55 q80t
Xbox series x
Dolby atmos 5.1.2 speaker system.

Setup variation 1.

I have the series x running into the denon with hdmi 2.1 and the video into the game hdmi in the TV. I then have an hdmi going from TV earc into the denon. (All hdmi 2.1)

I know I can't have 4k/120 hdr

And so it is at 4k/60 hdr

Everything works fine except my TV isn't going into game mode automatically and I can't select VRR in the xbox settings.

So I thought, well I want to do 4k/120 so from what I have read I can do setup number 2.

Setup 2.

Series x directly plugged into the TV and the earc hdmi going to the amp.

So now I can do 4k 120 no issue and the TV is now in game mode. But the bigger issue now is the sound lag. I have major issues with the lag on the sound. Even by adjusting the TV's sound lag setting to its lowest there is still lag.

What am I doing wrong. Why can't I have either way working how it should be?


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Try xbox to denon 8k port then ensure your 2nd hdmi is a 2.1 and put that in output 1 to your tv.

You can also try ticking the 4.2.2 option in the xbox settings

The denon has a built in hdmi test mode and will tell you the speed of the cable if needed.

Also only hdmi ports 3 and 4 on the tv support 4k 120.
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Would love to know the out come hear... Recently purchased the Q80T65" ive also taken delivery of the new XBSX. Currently running and older Denon receiver which i knew i would need to update. I was looking toward keeping to Denon with the X2700H AV but with recent issues now hesitant

Would love to hear how your getting on @StealthyG4MER Ive only just got over the dimming bug in game mode on the samsung panels!!!! Hope somethings working for you buddy!

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