Denon AVR-X2600 where am I going wrong?


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I admit to being a complete newbie over this. In short during covid I upgraded my now entire setup. The last piece being the 2600. Only now I can't here certain things.

Setup. Samsung 7470U TV
Sky Q box
Panasonic UHD player

Before the arrival of the 2600 everything was going through eArc on Samsung.

Now while I can hear UHD OK and Sky I can't hear Netflix etc via the Samsung apps. No longer going through Arc.

I am lost on where I am going on. I am trying to get split UHD. Video going into TV, audio via 2600. That seems to work. No sound from the apps, Sky keeps playing.



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Ensure that the AV receiver's MONITOR 1 output is connected the the TV's ARC enabled HDMI input. Make sure that Anynet+ and ARC are enabled on the TV and that HDMI Control and ARC are turned on within the AV receiver's HDMI configurations. power both the TV and the AVR down into standby and then power them up again in order to esyablish a new HDMI handshake between the 2 devices.

You may also want to ensure that the TV's digital output format is set to AUTO or an option that bitsreams the audio as opposed to PCM which will result in the audio being restricted to just 2 channel PCM.

Note that if still having issues accessing audio via ARC, you may want to try a different HDMI cable between the TV and the AVR? Some cables simply aren't very well made and don't result in much success while trying to use ARC.


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How are you connecting are going
Sky + panasonic to amp, amp to TV?


You need to connect both the player and Sky by HDMI to the receiver. The player connection will give you full HD audio and the Sky connection with give you Dolby Digital Plus. Make sure all video enhancement is turned off. There is no need to connect either player or Sky direct to the TV.


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Issue solved. It was an "interesting" afternoon. First port of call was Samsung who remoted into my TV but were unable to solve problem. Then on to Denon. The call was nearly an hour but problem finally solved. There was no way I could have solved this without his help. The amount of different on and off switching was frankly enormous. The TV and receiver really didn't want to play ball with other. However now all set up and ready to go. I have remembered to take a photo of the main settings just in case I have to fiddle again in future.
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