Denon AVR X2500h Tv zone 2 audio.


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Hi looking for help please.
My system is main room LG Oled c7 tv and skyq satellite connected to a new Denon AVR X2500h.
Ive a Lg SJ810V tv in the kitchen in the next room running from zone 2 output on the denon.
Video is fine but there is no audio.
I did see aboug using phono leads from the avr but there are no anolg inputs on the Lg SJ810V tv.
Is there anyway to get audio on this tv.
Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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If referring to the second HDMI output when mentioning the zone 2 output then this would be incorrect. THe receiver has no second HDMI zone capabilities and the second output is merely a mirror of the main output. THis is to facilitate the use of both a TV and a PJ within the same room and not to provide an HDMI feed to a second zone. Neither HDMI outputs would ordinarilly convey audio. The only way in which to carry both audio and video sourced via HDMI inputs via the HDMI outputs would be to set the receiver's HDMI out to TV + AVR. This will however disable the receiver's ability toprocess said audio or output it via the speakers connected to the receiver.

If wanting true second zone HDMI abilities then you'd need at least the model above your's in order to do so.

You'd need an additional 2 channel amp and another pair of speakers in the second room to be able to get second zone audio in that room without otherwise reassigning the receiver's back channel amps to power a pair of second zone speakers. Also note that you'd have su=yncronisation issues if trying to sybcronise the second zone audio with the video being conveyed via HDMI. The second HDMI output was never intended to be used in conjunction with this receiver's second zone audio abilities. Also note that audio sourced via the receiver's HDMI and optical inputs cannot be portrayed in a second zone using this receiver's second audio zone abilities.
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Thanks for that dante01
I wish i had looked into it more before buying the receiver.
I was coming from a pioneer LX58 which i loved the sound of that but I could never get network working on it and also need something with hdcp 2.2.
Ive only recently put the tv in the kitchen so it was more of a after thought.
I used to feel my old Pioneer had more oomph but maybe i still need to adjust a bit.
Will have to figure somthing out with this second tv because its too close to even use the normal aerial for the same channels as they end up delayed on one of the tvs and then i have to turn the sound down on one.

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