Denon AVR-X2400H upgrade for better music experience


Hi all, as mentioned in the title I currently have Denon AVR-X2400H. To it I have connected Dali Zensor 7, Dali Zensor Vokal, and BK XXLS400 Subwoofer. The room measures approximately 7x4m (23x13ft). I use current setup for movies and music. I have NAS storage connected to Raspberry Pi (running Kodi) and RPi connected to the AVR. I don't have any other external device connected to the AVR (e.g. CD player, Blu-ray player,...), everything is streamed from the RPi.
So, now to the point. When watching movies it sounds great, but I'm missing something when listening to the music. Don't know how to describe it, maybe some more clarity or crispiness.
First I was thinking of upgrading the speakers but I think the weakest link in my current setup is the AVR.
I was also thinking of adding Stereo Amp to the chain and connect left and right speakers to it but then I realized that my AVR doesn't have pre-outs, plus if I upgrade AVR maybe I don't need Stereo Amp.
So before jumping the gun, buying new AVR and then regretting it, I would like to hear other opinions what to change to get better experience when listening to music.

My budget is ~1500€. I am looking at Denon AVC-X3700 but I heard that Marantz should be better for music. I also read good things about Yamaha and Arcam but don't have any experience with them.
So beside Denon, which brands and models would you suggest (they don't have to be the latest models)?
Is there any other setup or component that I could try? As mentioned I have 3.1 system and I'm not "allowed" to expand it (wife's rules).
If someone has experience with RPi in such setup, would adding an Audio Hat make it better (I doubt because AVR is adjusting and correcting the audio afterwards, but I'm asking anyway)?

I would appreciate any suggestion or recommendation.

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