Denon AVR-X2400H: Issues with sound cutting out briefly


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Hi all,

I've been having some issues with my Denon AVR-X2400H, the main one being that the sound cuts out on the amp for a second or so whenever something else in the house powers on - e.g., if the boiler comes on or off, we switch the electric fireplace on/off, or even if I unplug or replug the subwoofer. It seems like lately it's been happening more often, to the point where it's getting pretty annoying (watching a film where the sound cuts out about 15 times throughout isn't very relaxing).

I'm guessing it may need some form of repair to deal with this?

(A separate but possibly related problem is that occassionally the amp goes off completely with the flashing red light and refuses to power on again - this has happened a number of times, even with all cables (bar the power) unplugged. I took it to Richer Sounds at the time when this got to its worst and they sent it off for repair, but the repair came back pretty much with "no issues found", even though I'm fairly certain the issue is not with my speaker setup since it happened with everything unplugged. This happens intermittently but normally I can get it working again by moving it around a bit and the occassional hard tap on the side, which perhaps indicates a loose component? Again, unsure if this is related to my main issue.)


If the red light is showing then the Denon is going into a safety shutdown. How good is the ventilation around the unit and is behind a closed door? The issue of the sound cutting out may be nothing to do with the Denon per se but with the electrics in the house, possibly an earthing problem. Have a sparky to check the house electrics out.


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Thanks for the reply.

With regards to the safety shutdown, I’m 99% certain it’s not ventilation related as the unit is on an open shelf, and it was still going into that mode immediately on power up when I showed it to the guys in RS before they sent it off (annoyingly it must’ve worked again by the time it reached the repair shop). I think the issue is transistor related as it seems to be a very common issue (see this video) but I don’t have the skills to fix it myself.

As for the audio cutting in and out, I had thought about the house electrics. I’ll get a sparky to check it out - thanks!


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Just to update on the audio cutting out issue: I’d found another post where someone had reported something similar with their AV and, in the end, they actually fixed it by replacing the HDMI cable used for the ARC connection. I did the same, replaced it with an 8k capable HDMI cable (UGreen), and it fixed the issue! Super happy.

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