Question Denon AVR-X2000 keeps turning on and off


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I have the same issue start tonight with an AVRX3500, we were watching a movie and it turned off.
We turned it back on and then it shut down again a few minutes later. We removed everything from the back so the only thing connected is power and it now shuts down faster and faster, now it’s now down to just over minute so looks like an overheating issue.
We use ours a pre-amp powering five power amps for surround so there’s no excuse for overheating as it’s not doing any power stuff, just audio/video switching.
When it turns off the red power LED flashes like its upset - May be a clue?
It’s still under warranty- only 7 months of use so going back to Richer Sounds tomorrow. Just thought this imay be of use.


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Thanks for that. Mine never had an issue after I reseated all the cables. I sold it to my neighbor with the info that it did have this issue. It's been working flawlessly for the last 18months.

Yeah would be surprised if it was over heating as you say your just switching audio.

Richersounds are great to dealt with. I get all my audio &visual stuff there. Picked up the x3500 last year and paired them with bronze 1s.

Best if luck with getting it sorted, let me know what happens with it



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Well, Richer Sounds sent it back to Denon who fixed it under warranty- they even loaned me another Amp which was nice of them.

The fault was a Zener diode apparently - simple but maybe that was the initial cause and caused a chain effect though the system to cause it to overheat.

After the Denon had gone to Richer Sounds I realised that I didn't remember hearing the fan when I was experimenting with it. I remember noticing the fan noise months previously when I was messing with it and thinking it would be loud enough to be irritating if it hadn't been in a cabinet. I wonder if the fan had been on its way out and blown the Zener.

Anyway, Denon is back now and working okay so far.

The other interesting thing was when we got the loaner amp the amp started to play up, I had a big hunch it was the Fiber Optic HDMI lead so I removed it and ran a lead direct to the projector and the problem went away.

Not to take any chances I have since replaced the fiber optic HDMI lead with another one which uses an electrical system to boost the signal rather than rely fiber optics. It's a lot thicker than the fiber one but it's behaved so far.

It's possible the fiber optical lead was drawing too much current and overloaded the amp? I have seen a few posts about fiber optic HDMI leads overheating and ours was pretty hot!

FWIW The amp they leant me was a Pioneer VSX 934

The Pioneer auto setup was very poor- it kept on saying our speakers were "small" and set up the amp so the sub did most of the mid-range too and it ended up sounding like one of the cheap compact speaker surround systems you see in Currys for £200.

Even after we forced the speakers to "large" the sound was still noticeably poorer than the Denon and seemed rather dull and bass heavy – I know the Denon was £900 compared to £550 for the Pioneer but £550 but that's not a huge gap and I’d have expected more for £550.

The Pioneer also lacked pre-outs so we had to re-wire all our speakers to the back of the amp direct which was a bit of a pain 😊 I’ve never wired our speakers to the Denon so maybe using the five old Cambridge P500s makes more difference than I expected?

That aside we were grateful for the loaner, we have a projector so without a receiver we can’t watch anything ☹
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