Denon AVR-X1600h fw corrupted after following oficial denon procedure


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Hi everyone,

I've recently adquired a new X1600h and I faced into the same issue as some users have reported.
After suffered several networking issues with the last FW Upgrade, I followed denon reverting fw process and my receiver didn't work as it should again. I've got most of the options grey and I cannot restore to factory fw. It's stucking on " Restoring FW..." after pressing dimmer + Tunner Preset Ch -
Has anybody fix it?

From my side, I tried the process without any cable plugged and after 8 hours "Restoring FW ..." message still there. Seems that networking module is death.
I was always looking for renewal my 10 years old Yamaha receiver by a Denon, but as far as I have seen on different forums, latest Denon fw upgrades made issues on Hdmi Arc and now on networking module. I would like to keep my new Denon for at least another 10 years but, seems no to be possible with this recently sw bugs.

I’m thinking of getting it return to Amazon and adquiere Yamaha rx-v585 or Sony STR-DN1080.

Thanks in advance,


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FInally I decided to get it back to retail.
Just for information for thouse who can adress this issue, after unassembley the Denon X1600h and I disconnected networking module from processor board: the behaviour was exactly the same as if it's plugged, so I assume that Network module is completly death.

Symptoms : Receiver cannot be configured on any networking feature, neither configuration assistance start up. When input selector goes to Heos Music, the message "Please Wait..:" remains forever and ever.

Diagnostic: Networkign software is corrupted. You must send it to repait or return it back. Nothing can be done from home.

Thanks and regards,

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