Denon AVR x1300w-Bypass ARC


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I have a Samsung frame tv connected to the arc hdmi connection on the denon. Works as expected—tv remote controls both Samsung and denon.

problem arises when I want to listen to something other than audio from the Samsung tv. For example, I have a turntable connected to the rca audio jacks. Or, if I stream music through the denon. In both cases, I can not get audio from either source if the Samsung is plugged into the arc port.

is there a way to bypass or turn off the arc connection? I’ve resorted to physically unplugging the Samsung from the denon in order to listen to other audio sources.


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That is an inherent problem with ARC and CEC. Many people use something like the Logitech Harmony to be able to use individual units rather than rely on CEC. I've long given up on using anything to do with ARC on my Denon.

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