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Does changing the speaker setting to Small or Large on a Denon x1000 affect the way sound is produced when set to 'Pure' ?

It seems that is necessary to get the receiver to create a subwoofer channel when playing stereo video eg Youtube. I don't want to impact stereo music though, and really don't want to keep changing that setting. I'm using the current model AppleTV 4K for video, there doesn't seem to be a setting to output 5.1 sound given a streo input on it.


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Page 120 of the manual implies that bass management is not in effect in (PURE) DIRECT mode. If correct, this would mean that the Large / Small setting has no effect in (PURE) DIRECT mode.

You may be better off asking about the AppleTV in the TV or Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders area.
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Setting your speakers to small will allow all the frequencies under the set crossover to be directed to the subwoofer which helps takes the burden away from the Denon itself. There will also be full use of the bass management settings. Having them set to large will have the Denon sending a full range of frequencies to the speakers and it will be the speakers crossover that determines where the roll off will be and some loss of those deeper frequencies. Depending on the quality of the speakers there may very well be a loss of audio quality.

Direct and Pure Direct by-passes any bass management and the connected speakers are treated as being large. This can often be the best setting for stereo music although the sub will not be used.


Thanks, that is exactly what I'd hope would be the case. The speakers are Monitor Audio Bronze BX2s, which do a reasonable job with bass given their size and, the sub is an SVS PB-1000 but it's not really needed for the music I listen to. Thanks again for the quick and informed replies.

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