Denon AVR & Sony BR Player: No Changes but Suddenly No Audio from Blu-Ray Player

New user from South Africa here, who is looking to the rest of the world for help after the local AVForums( didn't have the answer.

My setup is as follows:
  • AVR: Denon AVR-X1200W;
  • Blu-Ray Player: Sony BDP-S490 connected via HDMI to the AVR's 'Blu-Ray/DVD' port;
  • TV: LG C9 OLED connected via HDMI to the AVR's ARC port; and
  • PS4: connected via HDMI to the AVR's 'Game' port.
Recently, I wanted to play a Blu-Ray disc using the BR player. Loaded up the disc and plenty of video but no audio. I last used the BR player a month or so ago in exactly the same setup without any trouble. I haven't changed anything since then, bar a firmware update on the AVR, I think.

I've trouble-shooted as follows:
  • A different Blu-Ray disc:
    • No audio through the AVR;
  • BR player:
    • Connected directly into OLED TV via HDMI: perfect audio through the AVR (via ARC);
    • Connected directly into an unrelated TV via HDMI (unrelated TV sends audio via ARC to its own AVR, unrelated to the Denon): perfect audio through the AVR;
    • Switching audio decode mode from 'Auto' to 'PCM' (same mode selected on AVR): no audio;
  • AVR:
    • Swap HDMI inputs on the AVR: the PS4 produces audio when connected via HDMI to the 'Game' port AND when swapped over to the 'Blu-Ray/DVD' port. The BR player produces no audio when connected to either the 'Game' or the 'Blu-Ray/DVD' port;
    • Switching audio decode mode from 'Auto' to 'PCM' (same mode selected on BR player): no audio;
  • HDMI cable
    • New HDMI cable from the BR player to the 'Blu-Ray/DVD' port: no audio. I then used the new cable between the BR player and the 'Game' port. Still no audio. I then used the same cable between the PS4 and the 'Game' and 'Blu-Ray/DVD' ports. Perfect audio through both ports;
I don't think the BR player is the issue, based on the fact that when connected directly to the TV, it outputs both video and audio. I also find it very strange that the PS4 outputs video and audio via its dedicated 'Game' HDMI input on the AVR but when the BR player is plugged into the 'Game' HDMI input, there's no audio from the BR player...

Other potential fixes I've tried without success:
  • Factory reset done on both the AVR and the BR player. Firmware on both is up-to-date; and
  • Powered the entire set-up off at the wall, unplugged the lot from each other, replugged everything and powered the set-up on again.
So, to summarise my findings at this point:
1 - Changing the decode mode from Auto to PCM on both the AVR and the BR player has no effect;
2 - All HDMI inputs on the AVR are functioning correctly;
3 - The BR player is outputting video and audio perfectly through the ARC of the LG OLED when connected directly to it; and
4 - The BR player is outputting video and audio perfectly through the ARC of another TV I own when connected directly to it.

What gives?


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Welcome to the forums!

Sounds like an interesting one as you've tried most of the standard suggestions. What is the BD Audio Mix setting the the BR player? Make sure it is, set to off and see if it makes a difference as it may be an issue with the HD audio decoding.


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Hi SteveIndeed, just wandering if you were able to solve your issue. I have recently bought a Denon AVR X2700 and I have EXACTLY the same issue as you and I have also done exactly the same things/steps as you with no luck. I have a Samsung TV and a Sony Blu Ray player.

The only thing I can add is that:
1. When using Monitor 2 and watching from my projector (as the X2700 has 2 HDMI Outs), sound is perfectly fine
2. If I switch off the TV completely the sound comes on after 30 seconds or so. This implies that something is not right with the eARC HDMI port and something between the 3 devices mixes up things.

All other sources work perfectly as you describe.


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