Denon AVR S760H No Video output


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I have three sources - PC, Nvidia Shield 2019 and Panasonic UB820. I must admit I have a very long HDMI 2.1 cable (65 Ft) but its Fiber Optic and has been working just fine for months. None of them gave me video today.

I tested the TV ARC the HDMI 2.1 is feeding too and the built in apps are giving audio back to the AVR and to the 5.1.
I was able to power down the AVR and unplug it - which when I plugged it back in would give video to the PC source, audio was/has been fine there, but when switching to the Shield or Blur Ray player the Shield only gives audio and the Blu Ray cycles these green bars on a black screen with no audio.

I have tried another HDMI 2.1 (48 GBPS) cord (33 Ft) which is what I have been using for the PC, from the AVR to the TV (to test different cables) and still no video for the Shield.

I also tried an older 3 ft HMDI cable which gives no video on the Shield source either.

Any ideas what else I can do to test? Any ideas what I am doing wrong or maybe whats wrong with the equipment? I have been using these system and almost all outputs without issue since I set it up in February, so 3+ months.

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