Denon AVR-S650H + Jamo S 626 - tweeters distorted/crackling at certain frequencies


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Hello everyone,

after I was able to learn a lot here by reading along, I have bought a home theater system according to my budget, consisting of:

  • Denon AVR-S650H
  • Jamo S626 HCS 5.0

I have the problem that the all the five tweeters of my speakers clearly "scratch" or produce a distorted sound at certain frequencies. This is especially audible at piano.

I have proceeded as follows or have tried the following solutions to the problem:

  • Changed the cabling: with/without banana plugs, both terminals supplied with separate cables/used a cable with a bridge at the speakers.
  • Reset the AVR to factory settings
  • AVR manually set to 6 Ohms
  • tried different sources: streaming via TIDAL/Spotify, audio via HDMI, audio via optical

Then, of course, I first suspected the speakers themselves. Luckily had another amplifier there for testing, namely a SABAJ A4. Was quite baffled when with this amplifier the distortion was no longer present. Same wiring. So now I suspect the Denon AVR.

I have already turned off all software preprocessors like "Restorer".

Unfortunately, I lost the Audyssey calibration microphone, have already ordered a replacement. But even without calibrating, there shouldn't be such serious problems, right?

I can attach the complete configuration of the AVR here, but actually everything is in factory state. Ran through configuration wizard, set front L and front R to "large", levels I left all untouched.

Does anyone here have any other ideas of what I could try? I'd also be happy to make a recording of the distortion/scratching if it's not entirely clear what I mean.
I hope this isn't a hardware fault, as the system is performing great otherwise. It's also not a very audible issue, on most movies and music I don't hear it, just with isolated sounds in certain frequencies like higher piano octaves.

Thanks in advance!

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