Denon AVR randomly "clicks"


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My Denon X7200W randomly clicks - can be heard from 2-3m away just wondered if anyone else with any other Denon AVR has this please ? Sounds similar but not the same as the normal relay clicks when for instance a zone turns off - similar type of noise but definitely different

(1) has been doing it for several years so doesn't affect operation

(2) not amplifier/relay click/change of signal surround mode

(3) does it more often (once every half an hour or so) when on - but also does it when just in standby !

(4) zones set to turn off at lowest setting so for instance just clicked just now and I've not used amp/been off (but plugged in) for 12 hours or so

(5) thought night be casework expansion etc but doesn't explain how can still click after being off for 12 hours would have thought stabilised by then !

(6) watched plenty of films in dark etc and not noticed any flashes so don't think a capacitor but could be under neath top board

(7) is fairly open cabinet so not heat

(8) HDMI passthrough etc turned off so shouldn't be partially on when off

(9) has done it in several houses and I've tried plugged into a surge protector and direct into wall so rules out some odd external power issue

Completely baffled any ideas please ? Only two things I could think of is a capacitor or something in PSU (as even when off it clicks) or there is some thermostat type device inside that clicks
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Sorry, I cannot explain or solve it but it is not just you or that exact model. My X3200W does the same.

(1) Ditto.

(2) It does not correlate with any obvious action e.g. turning a zone on / off or changing mode.

(3) I have not timed it but it is probably similar. I would have guessed a little less often.

(4) I generally turn my whole A/R rack off at the socket when out of use for a significant period so I don't know on this one. Also, I am rarely in the room if I am not using the A/V system. I don't recall whether I have heard a click while it is off.

(5) I didn't think of that possibility but it does not sound like it to me. It sounds like a small relay to me; certainly too consistent to be case expansion / contraction.

(6) I did not think of this idea either so I have not looked for flashes but I think that I would have noticed them. Again, the noise is too consistent and the AVR has not died; I think that if a capacitor was struggling that badly then something worse than a click would have happened by now.

(7) Ditto. The AVR is well ventilated. It gets warm but not worryingly hot. Cooler than the Onkyo 605 that it replaced.

(8) I recently turned on HDMI passthrough but it was happening before that and continues now.

(9) It has only been used in the one location in the one house. Installed in the rack and not moved since. I don't recall the Onkyo before it clicking randomly but it is too long ago to be sure.

As I said in (4), to me it sounds like a small relay. I could be wrong but I have heard quite a lot of relays in my time (not recently though, when I was a kid playing with electronics).

I spent a while trying to blame other nearby devices e.g. the Virgin Tivo. Unlike most of the equipment the Tivo stays plugged in. I have not absolutely ruled this out but the AVR is still the prime suspect. There is also a sub nearby but I think that it is far enough away that I would have identified that by now. In desperation, I tried to blame an IP camera in the next room but it was rather implausible that I would hear it clearly through the wall. Anyway, that is now definitely ruled out.

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