Denon AVR-5803 questions.


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Greetings, all.

I recently purchased a Denon AVR-5803. I would say it was on impulse, but I have been admiring this receiver for many years. It is the pinnacle of hugeness and power and is, I think, a fine-sounding receiver. I have not regretted the purchase, with the unit brooding powerfully in a space formerly occupied by a much more workaday Pioneer. However, this is a pretty complicated beast. I read the manual back-to-front and I may actually be more confused. While I confess I slightly dislike parading my abject ignorance after being an enthusiast for many years, the Denon has humbled me. Any help much appreciated.

1) I have a powered sub that has both line level and speaker-level inputs. I want to hook it up to the speaker output on the Denon, which sounded a lot better on my old setup than line, but there is no obvious right way to do this. The Denon has a set of right-side and left-side speaker ouputs with a "main" output and the rest being surround speakers. It was suggested to me that I can hook the subwoofer amp up to the "main" using 16-ga wire AT THE SAME TIME as driving banana plugs to connect the regular speakers. Has anyone tried this, please? I am meant to put the 16-ga at the bottom of the post and the banana through the middle, if that makes sense.

2) Here's a basic one. I want to adjust treble and bass. I follow the instructions in the manual and go to "surround parameter" on the remote. I press this, but nothing really happens except that "CURSOR/PAGE" is highlighted. The manual says "The screen for the selected surround mode appears." It doesn't, no matter what surround mode I may be using.

3) I would like to map the speaker outputs so they drive three sets of "main" speakers, rather than their acting as surround speakers. I have a set of speakers in the salon, the dining room and the kitchen. Am not going to be using this set primarily for theatre. Is this possible, please?

4) Should I get a small monitor screen so I can see on-screen menus? I am not clear on whether this is possible or indicated.

Very grateful for any thoughts.


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